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My name is Soren Hildebrandt. I am the owner and CEO of Dynamic Brain Technologies, a Brainwave Optimization Centre located near Spiddal village on the beautiful West coast of Ireland, where I am a facilitator of clients for Brainwave Optimization®.

How did it all start

We are two brothers who have been affiliated with Brain State Technologies® since 2008.
With our various backgrounds in healthcare, personal coaching and meditation two companies were established - one in Ireland and one in Denmark.

However, since April 2017 we have decided to work together under WholeBrain Technologies in Denmark - collaborating, inspiring each other, sharing experiences and know-how and offering our service to clients from Denmark, Ireland and other European countries.

Where are we heading

We are eager to let the world know about Brainwave Optimization®, and we are passionate about helping our clients to achieve a state of balance and harmony that they may reach their goals and improve the overall sense of joy and quality of well-being in their lives.


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