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Is your brain relaxed

When talking about relaxation, most people would refer to their body. However, their brain has the ability to be in a relaxed state too – as well as in the opposite and more stressful state. And when we monitor the individual brainwave activity, these states become quite apparent to us.

The brain is the control centre of the body and when it operates in a dynamic, balanced and harmonious mode, we enjoy optimal performance and mental and physical well-being.

We would like that our brain would always function in an optimal mode. However, at times we are exposed to trauma and chronic stress and we find ourselves "stuck" in these unbalanced states.

Why does it become difficult or even impossible for our brain to free itself and return to balance? Because the brain's innate ability to self-regulate is only increased sufficiently during a state of deeper relaxation - and this state can be very difficult to reach.

Brainwave Optimization® is a method that helps the brain to reach this deeply relaxed state.

How Does It Work

Your brainwaves are continuously monitored and recorded by sensors placed on your head. These brainwaves are converted to music-like tones being sent back to you via headphones.

Thus the brain is given the option to observe it self in this sound-based mirror in real-time. It recognizes its own brainwave patterns, begins to resonate with them and enters a deep state of relaxation and flexibility from where it will adjust itself to a natural and more balanced state.

Brainwave Optimization® is thus achieved through deep relaxation and self-regulation in a natural, non-invasive way - from your brain, by your brain and for your brain.

What is Brainwave Optimization®

Brainwave Optimization® (BWO) is a safe, non-invasive, individualized method based on advanced computerized technology that allows the brain to:

Brainwave Optimization® uses proprietary precision measurement devices and sophisticated software-algorithms to produce a high-resolution 'acoustical mirror' of the brain’s activity.

Let us be clear. We are NOT providing bio- or neurofeedback to our clients. No external signals are used to instruct the brain. The brain frequencies are simply monitored and translated into proprietary engineered sounds. Headphones are then used to provide an ongoing real-time reflection of the unique, individual brainwave activity.

The brain observes and resonates with itself, and by doing so it enters a deep state of relaxation and flexibility. In this deep state of relaxation it begins to release accumulated stress and free itself from stuck patterns on its own terms through a natural process of self-regulation.

We do not diagnose, treat or cure any illness. We simply facilitate our clients in an individualized process that allows the brain to increase its own natural ability to self-regulate and self-optimize.


The first thing I noticed was a feeling of calmness inside. Something different had happened. I was more focused. I found myself doing things with ease, things that I would normally resist doing. I had this feeling of happiness and joy inside. My meditation was easier and I went deeper in it. I feel much more connected to my heart. I feel that I am brought into a constant presence of the now. I experienced that it brought me into my own balanced state of being.


I have been less anxious and naturally calmer in myself and more assertive. I am easier on myself and on others. The most obvious thing to me is when I am by myself, and perhaps working something out in my head, there is now a feeling of ‘space’ and ‘room to manoeuvre’, which was not really there before! There is also an underlying feeling of more ‘quiet’ and less ‘static’ in my mind. My brain feels less tense. I would certainly recommend Brainwave Optimization to anyone who feels on edge or would like an improved mental balance.


I definitely feel much calmer and grounded. All anxiety and worry has disappeared. I find that things in my life are more synchronous, and I don’t seem to get depressed or down when things don’t happen for me. Also no task is too much for me. I just get on with it and do it. Now fear seems to me like the word and "feelings " associated with it don't exist. Overall I thought the experience was worth every cent. My enjoyment of and outlook on life has improved and I feel that this modality should be compulsory for everyone. Imagine what a different society we would have!


I have found this to be the only modality to dissolve my underlying anxiety completely. Within days of completing my sessions I noticed I was calmer and less anxious. This alone has begun changing almost every aspect of my life. I have for the first time experienced true grounding, bringing me literally right into my body & mind. I find my perspective has changed so much for the better, that I am approaching life’s challenges in a much clearer and calmer way.


I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (AS) in 2007. I have other problems associated with AS like depression, OCD, anxiety and ADD.
I have noticed that my mood has stabilized. I don’t shout and get worked up about things. My obsession, checking and behaviour have reduced. I don’t use peculiar and complicated words to describe events that happened. I give people a chance to speak at family get together and reunions. My eye contact is more appropriate at the moment. I don’t stare or flick away when people talk to me. I am less sensitive and nervous with people. I do feel more calm and relaxed; I don’t flap my hands and wring my hands. I bought a car and even want to start driving and I have taken three driving lessons, which for me is a big improvement. My sleep has improved and I feel more focused.


I feel much calmer now, and I am less reactive to stress and I especially sense this when driving in heavy traffic, where I feel totally at ease. I am more clear-minded with less disturbing thoughts. I feel more grounded, more my self than ever before and I feel more content. My ability to focus has improved dramatically. Now I can sit by the computer all day, if needed, and I would not feel tired at all. I am at ease reading and typing. I had the first-time experience of completing the reading of a full book within 8 hours. I am now reading faster and with no sense of struggle at all. It is so easy now.



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